Day #3 / 24 Challenge 

Epic end to the day with a delicious homemade ground turkey larb dinner with red peppers and avocado. All after starting with a Star Wars Band Aid on my finger – at least my kids shared.

I will say I’m starting to love eating like this – which is crazy for me to be saying. Me being the guy who loves extra crispy bacon in his BLT, extra butter in his mashed potatoes and extra handfuls of Chex mix. Who’d have thought I’d like eating healthy food – well… Suprise! Apparently I’m cool with it for now.

All of this on the back of a run at lunch – yes I followed through – and then swim lessons with the kids tonight. Felt great being active today and turning the corner on pairing healthy eating and working out.

Now I need to start running more than walking for my workouts and I’ll be closer to a 5K, then a 10K, then half-marathon, before considering running a marathon again. Once I get active at that level I may be able to enjoy eating a special extra crispy bacon on my BLT or a few extra hands of Chex mix.

The big next step when we finish the 24 days of our challenge is figuring how to add in the occasional glass of red wine or tasty tasty scotch without turning that in to a few drinks. 

Moderation is key!

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