Coming to you from Shanghai

Should be obvious from the your title, but yours truly is now coming at you from Shanghai!

Wait, what? You may ask yourself – when, how, why, huh, did this happen? And why now am I coming back from being dark for awhile…?

Well… I took some time to focus on getting healthy and running a lot. And with that my food adventures were fewer and farther between. But now in Shanghai the sky is the limit.

Expect more from me about things like

  • Where did you find good bourbon in Shanghai?
  • What foods have I tried and loved or not loved?
  • What foods are kids willing to try here?
  • Can you find a red wine without breaking the bank?
  • How do I learn to cook all this awesome food, since I’ve made so many steaks and fried chicken in my time?
  • Does all beer out here taste “the same”?
  • How do you not get treated to the expat version of everything?
  • And more…

Some highlights so far:

  • Wine is expensive
  • Bourbon ain’t easy to find, but it can be had
  • Food is amazing & yes I’ve tried a few weird things
  • And running and walking all over are helping me keep it all in check

Expect more to come – not sure at what frequency, but I gotta share this experience so then y’all will come visit!

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