Getting back to it

I've been testing a lot of recipes, tasting a lot of wine, beer, whiskey, gin, scotch and more, smoking some meat, and in general enjoying beverages from bottles and food cooked over flame – cuz you know that's what I do.

And, I've done a horrible job documenting what I've been trying, what I'm enjoying, what I'm hating on and what needs infinitely more practice. So I'm contemplating writing more here about the trials and tribulations of my food and beverage adventures (nay shenanigans), so I have a repository of all that's hopefully good and I can spare you from all the things that are bad.

Some recent highlights – fried chicken at Basilisk, dinner at Andina, wine tasting from up and down the Willamette Valley, seared steaks from Costco, beers from Astoria, learning to love budget whiskey and spirits, smoking meat in a beginner smoker, meal planning, learning how to intermittently fast as part of working out, and upscaling food for toddlers so my wife and I enjoy it, and trying in general to be a healthy dad.

I promise I'll do my best to write more often and share all of the awesomely arresting awesomeness that I get up to in the kitchen or on the smoking patio.

Enjoy the ride!

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