Days #5, #6, #7 

Wow the weekend moves in quick and time flies! 

Would love to say we crushed the diet this weekend, but I’d be lying. We caved Friday after a long week for some pizza and wine – best choice was opening a Charles Smith Klein 2012. BOOM!

Then Saturday back on plan – even nailed a 2-3mi run in the rain. And the scale showed 300.5 – lowest I’ve been in a while. Even with cheating on Friday night.

Closed Saturday with an epic dinner at Frank’s Oyster House and Champagne Parlor – most amazing fried chicken and waffles with foie gras butter and maple bourbon syrup, especially when paired with champagne. Yes – champagne and fried chicken is a real thing. And it is a most amazing pairing!

Today we were back at it and crushed the day while working hard in the basement. But after feeding the kids dinner we were broken and ravenous, so celebrating fixing the basement with takeout and a cold one. But we roasted chicken and are back on full plan tomorrow.

Being 100% will cause us to fly off the rails hard 10-12 days in, so some relaxing on the weekend helps keep us sane and likely to stay at 90% for the whole cleanse, which is really doing awesome!

Keep it up folks. More recipes and wins to come this week.

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