Day #4 / 24 Challenge

It’s all been a blur the last 4 days. Can’t believe we made it this far without cheating. So proud of us.

Weigh-in this morning was a surprise – down 3.7 pounds already from the start!

Managed to keep things good today – despite only drinking a bit of Spark this morning. Didn’t realize I was in a hole until lunchtime, but some Spark in the afternoon and all was better.

A few challenges today –

  1.  Serving my team pizza and eating my healthy lunch – COMPLETE 
  2. Going to a movie theater and eating my healthy snacks – COMPLETE
  3. Moving cookbooks to clean the house and looking at amazing recipes – COMPLETE
  4. Coming home exhausted and wanting takeout and a cold one – DIDN’T CAVE!

Instead of caving we made some delicious rainbow chard over ground turkey larb with some avocados and black pepper. Yum! Then some almonds while watching Top Chef – almost torture watching chefs make great food while eating healthy.

PROUD of my wife and I that we didn’t cave towards the end of a long week. We can keep doing it!

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