Where did the time go?

You may be asking yourself “Where did all the posts go?” or “Did Brian disappear?”

The answer is “no!”

I’ve been on a pseudo hiatus chasing 3 year olds around the house, yard, swimming pool and more – and learning how to make some dynamite mac & cheese, perfecting my grilled cheese, ordering takeout pizza like a boss, and crafting my taste for the finest of brown liquors (of course after the kiddos go to bed).

With that I’m going to be kicking off a series of liquor, wine, beer related stories as we get ready to roll in to summer.

I’ll be starting off this weekend with my ode to rosé!





Not much more I can say about it – but I’m sure I’ll find more words this weekend. And be prepared because I have a case of it in in the basement and tasted some amazing rosé this Easter weekend to get the ball rolling for summer and deck party time.

After some rosé we’ll be doing a tear down of some of my favorite whiskeys that I’ve been sampling – my amazing friends at the Roosevelt Ale House have been kind enough to start schooling me in the ways of Irish whiskey and some insanely delicious scotch. Plus, the fine crew at LloydMartin got me hooked on a crazy delicious Welsh whiskey that I finally got my hands on.

So – don’t fear. There is more to come. And it will come soon. I promise…

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