Day #2 / 24 challenge 

I wish I could’ve had the beer you see – just up there out of reach – after what feels like a super long day.

Pushing all of the toxins out with all of the water and eating a realistic/reasonable amount of food is definitely a change to my body as it remembers it can live without pizza, hot wings, cold beer, and burgers for a few days. Same thing happened last time and on day 3-4 I came back out of it and got the pep in my step to workout more – can’t wait for that and some lunch runs.

Despite all of that – I successfully made it through dinner on Day 2. Yay!

Positive note is that I’ve only put 7 pounds back on after our challenge and diet changes before the holidays – that’s a huge win in itself. Back up to 307 and with this 24 Day Challenge I’m hopeful to get well under 300 and be able to feel good running consistently and even get back in the pool.

Now back to food – made some epic spicy seared broccoli with roast chicken. I’ll make sure to get pictures next time when I’m not shoving it in my face. A few dashes of cayenne, garlic and onion powder, fresh cracked pepper, cinnamon,  all tossed in with sesame oil and then sprayed down with some amino spray and seared on super hot with the lid tossed on at the end for some steam – yum!

Reminder to myself and anyone doing this challenge – the key this early in is sticking to the plan, eating and snacking on schedule, drinking water and getting sleep.  Gotta keep it up!

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