Day #1 / 24 day challenge

Today we started Day #1 of our Advocare 24 Day Challenge and we’re off to the races for losing some weight and feeling better. Can’t wait for the “feeling better” part, since I started off Day with the sniffles and an epic jazz voice.

This “cleanse” is meant to be “easy” and leave me eating real food during the day, so I don’t feel like I’m living in The Matrix and consuming nutrients through tubes. Much appreciated as I hear all the questions of – “Is that a juice cleanse?” or “Do you just eat supplements and protein powders?”

Hardest part is remembering how/when to stagger taking my fiber or supplements when they are supposed to be consumed 30 minutes before a snack or meal. For example – I already forgot my morning fiber, so slipped that in with lunch. I hope that still works.

Easiest part is having a schedule to stick to, so I’m not just randomly snacking and eating “healthy snacks” from our kitchen throughout the work day.

Weigh-in is tonight and I’m scared of how far I fell off the wagon from our last cleanse – but a friend reminded me of the old adage “you gotta start somewhere” – so we’ll see what I weigh and it’ll just give me more to lose. I like big numbers – I guess…

Stay tuned for more from Day 2 tomorrow.


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