Calm before the storm 

Looking up at the sky today it reminded me that tomorrow is going to be a day of change. 

Tomorrow my wife and I try to reboot our healthy living. 

I LOVE eating amazing food, drinking epic wine, slinging ridiculous cocktails and testing out delicious brown liquor. But, I’m tired of lugging around a spare tire the size of those on a lifted Ford F-150. 

Losing a bill in weight will let me chase down our nearly three year old twins, let me get back to skiing, allow me to enjoy running (crazy huh?)…

A side benefit – this will let me cleanse my palate for at least the first 24 days, so I can remember how delicious food can be without adding umpteen shakes of salt, slices of bacon or sticks of butter. And I get a chance to refresh my palate with crazy Middle Eastern, Thai, Vietnamese and more spices.

Now I’m actually looking forward to my fiber drink in the morning and some hard boiled eggs to kick off my Advocare 24-day cleanse…

I’ll be posting daily about the awesome healthy food we are making and hopefully awesome progress we are making.

Stay tuned…

P.S. If you wanna learn more about Advocare please hit me up. We lost 30+ pounds the first time – now I just need to maintain and keep losing more weight.

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