Ramen – Can I make it at home?

I’ve attempted ramen at home a handful of times and I’ve never had overwhelmingly great results. Heck – I’ve really only had fair to middling results. And this is coming from a guy who loves ramen, udon and any hot noodle dish with delicious meats, veggies and broth – keep it coming…

My last attempt was a mixture of David Chang’s Momofuku Bo Ssam pork and homemade Easy Homemade Ramen recipe from DamnDelicious.net.

I foolishly made a few adjustments to a recipe that I never even tried. I used dried mushrooms instead of fresh shiitake mushrooms and also used Tamari instead of soy sauce and. Then to top it off I grated my ginger like a caveman using a cheese grater meant for nachos. My broth was littered with ginger shreds and never hit the point where flavor was evenly spread throughout the broth.

Momofuku Bo Ssam Homemade Ramen
Momofuku Bo Ssam Homemade Ramen

We could call what I made “easy homemade ramen,” but my skills left me with a weak excuse for ramen. It was ramen by name, but not ramen in spirit.

In order to fix my sad attempt at lunch ramen I whipped a batch of instant ramen broth and noodles and laddled in some hunks of Momofuku bo ssam pork shoulder for dinner and felt redeemed (or at least it tasted a lot better).

Momofuku Bo Ssam Homemade Ramen - Take 2
Momofuku Bo Ssam Homemade Ramen – Take 2

Tomorrow I am challenging my ramen skills and attempting a new Slow Cooker Pork Ramen recipe from Chow.com. Only change I may make the second time I try this is to use my Nomiku to sous vide the pork shoulder, instead of the slow cooker.

Fingers crossed this pork ramen turns out better than my last attempt.

Anyone care to come over and taste test? I’ll provide plenty of wine…

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