Remembering Maui

A co-worker recently asked for some recommendations for his trip to Maui and it triggered so many delicious and amazing memories of our vacation a few years ago (one of our last big vacations before the twins were born).

Maui is filled with activities, adventures, food, people, beaches, relaxation and more… I wish I could go back right now. But someone has to reminisce and write this post, then go home and put twin 2 year olds to bed. They sure aren’t going to put themselves to bed.

Here are my hit lists of Maui. First, food! Sadly, we didn’t try every single restaurant on Maui; but these were all gems. Then, activities on Maui – of course we didn’t have time for everything; but these stood out.

O’o Farms

O'o Farm
View from O’o Farm (© 2015 O’o Farm) 

One of the absolute highlights of our trip to Maui. Driving up the hills to a quaint farm and gathering with other “foodies” to tour a working farm that provides most all vegetables and fruit for upscale restaurants Pacific’O and Feast of Lele in Lahaina. As we picked fruits and vegetables we learned the history of the land and the food we were harvesting.

Our host then sat us down for a meal and prepared the ingredients we harvested with local seafood fresh from the ocean earlier that morning. We dined on ingredients that I’ll never have at hand in Seattle or likely anywhere else other than at O’o farms. Must be time for a trip back… I wonder if the twins would like it???

And to top it all off the view from the farm is breathtaking. Oh – and I forgot to mention they roast their own coffee and you can learn about that and enjoy some after your delicious feast.


Feast At Lele

We wanted to enjoy a luau while on Maui, but didn’t want to sit at a mega hotel with hundreds of our not-closest family and friends eating over-cooked buffet food off of hot plates. As I dug further and further all I could find were mega luaus, until I stumbled upon O’o farms (see above) and then noticed they provide food for a luau in Lahaina.

Could there really be good food at a luau? If so, then there must be other good stuff at this luau – right?

Yes, Yes, and Yes. Feast at Lele is one of the most awesome experiences ever. As you enter your sat at your very own table with your own host and drinks host. Yes – your very own drinks host. The drinks host job was essentially to keep your glass always full of something delicious – ranging from champagne to mai tais and everywhere in between.

The show explores the history and legacy of the islanders of Hawai’i, New Zealand, Tahiti and Samoa and is extremely intimate as you are watching with only a few dozen guests and the dancers are only yards away from your table. And on top of it all the setting has a gorgeous island backdrop as you look out on the beach. And if lucky you’ll even see the elusive Green Flash as the sun sets on the horizon.

Dancer at Feast at Lele (Copyright © 2015. Feast at Lele.)
Dancer at Feast at Lele (Copyright © 2015. Feast at Lele.)

Can’t wait to go back…

Honu Seafood & PiZZA

Honu Seafood and Pizza
Honu Seafood and Pizza (C) Tony Novak-Clifford

Yes – you’re probably staring at the screen and wondering “Pizza? Maui? What was Brian thinking???”

I was thinking ocean front restaurant, open late, great food, not ridiculously expensive and a lively atmosphere.

Honu Seafood and Pizza delivers on all of the above promises and offered great service as well. I wish I remembered more other than the beautiful sun set view and eating a great meal, but we’d already been on Maui for 4 days and my brain had turned to mush…

Oh wait… You must try the Ahi Bruschetta. There I brought it back to food – go me!

Shave Ice

You CAN NOT go to Maui or Hawaii and skip Shave Ice. If you do, then I question the very fiber of your being.

We stopped at a number of places to get shave ice and kept coming back to this Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice in downtown Lahaina. Epic variety of flavors, combinations and consistency.

But to be honest you can’t go wrong with Shave Ice in Maui.

Just try it – you’ll like it.

And if you don’t, then shame on you.

Just try it again until you like it.


These are all perfectly decent restaurants in Kaanapali just a few minutes walk from our hotel, but they are tourist restaurants designed for families and groups that don’t want to walk more than a few minutes from their hotel.

Go there, sit on the beach, order a drink, listen to some live music. But do this after you’ve been exploring all day and eaten all the great food that Maui has to offer.

You’ll thank me – I promise.

Back to Maui. Soon!

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