Fun with words – using 21 words I shouldn’t to write about food

After reading a fun tongue-in-cheek article on 21 over-used words when writing about food I took on the challenge of using all 21 words in a single cooking description.

What do you think?

Yesterday evening I was tasked with the responsibility of delivering a yummy (nay delectable) roast chicken dinner that wasn’t our normal fare of ‘za or sando’s. No – we needed something more succulent that would take it to the next level and deliver a depth of flavor that tastes like crack as if a party in your mouth was about to go off. What on earth could be so delish and full of so much nom that it could be referred to as the “best ever” or dare I say “cooked to perfection” or even better “fit for a foodie on the hunt for a sinful treat.” I had to take my game to the next level by hunting for some locavore ingredients and throw caution to the wind by dismissing the use of EVOO and planning to jazz it up with some real butter, salt and pepper. I was having none of that cloyingly sweet junk with lemons, thyme, rosemary and all that nonsense – this was meant to be a sinful dinner of moist chicken with crispy skin that was so full of NOM that nobody could handle it.

And yes – I did actually cook roast chicken last night. And it was delicious. Thank you Thomas Keller for the recipe:

And, thank you Kitchn for the inspiration:

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