Quick sous vide 72hr short rib recap

This is just a quick sous vide short rib recap. I’ll delve in to both “marinades” and the full preparation techniques in another post.

In short – sous vide short ribs are an amazing way to eat beef.

I’ve tried 72 hour sous vide short ribs with my Nomiku twice now. The first time my dinner guests loved them, but I’ll admit I found them “too beefy” if that is even a thing. I’m worried I’ll go to a dark place as banishment from other chefs for saying such a thing. 

My marinade the first time around must not have penetrated the meat or something else “went amiss.”

But the second time – BOOM! HOMERUN! TOUCHDOWN (as my sons like to say all year round). 

What was different? I shoved rosemary in each of the vacuum seal bags and I think that helped get another taste in the mix other than beef. These were also boneless short ribs and I froze the short ribs with the rosemary and that may have helped.

Here was the final product – yum! Of course I served this with the best roast potatoes. What do you think I am – some kind of heathen?

Oh – and one quick lesson to share before I go back to preparing sliders with white cheddar and Skillet bacon jam for my kids tonight. 

Always double bag when cooking for 72hrs and always cook a little extra just in case. One bag of short ribs must have let in some air or something because once open I wouldn’t serve to anyone but the trash can.

Now back to the kitchen…

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