Sous vide v. “Traditional” steak

There are numerous articles and how-to and step-by-step and do-it-yourself posts and videos about how to properly cook a steak littering the Internet and the grocery store checkout stands.

There isn’t “1 best way” to cook a steak.

Those who think so are wrong – in my humble opinion.

There are “right ways” depending on the occasion and the time you have available to cook said steak. A chef can work magic over 1-3 hours with an immersion circulator (like my well loved Nomiku) and a blowtorch (like a Searzall) or a scorching hot cast iron skillet. Or a chef can knock out a killer steak in a cast iron skillet and a super hot broiler in ~20-30 minutes.

Below are two examples of each cooking technique and both steaks were delicious and went well with a side of brussel sprouts or roast potatoes to boot…

And, hopefully you want to eat those steaks as much as I did (they were delicious – if I do say so myself).

Sous vide bone-in rib eye (Nomiku and cast iron skillet to finish)

Cast iron skillet New York steak (finished in oven with broiler on Hi)

Now that I’ve whet your appetite for steak – the next two posts will be dedicated to producing these marvelous specimens of beefiness in your own kitchen. And maybe I’ll teach you how to make brussel sprouts and roast potatoes that anyone will love.

You’ll just have to come back and check it out.

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