Where did all the food go?

Don’t worry – food is coming… I swear it.

I’ve been busy trying out new recipes. Playing with my awesome Nomiku test unit (Thanks for the loaner!) and a plethora of other kitchen gadgets.

What can you expect over the next couple of weeks:

  • Hawaiian ginger flank steak
  • Spicy Doritos fried chicken – using the Nomiku
  • Beef Short Rib Stew – lovingly made with Against the Grain Brewing 35K Stout
  • Boneless short ribs with rosemary
  • Mexican Cola braised carnitas
  • Sous vide bone-in rib eye and roast potatoes – best Valentine’s Day dinner ever!

And I’ll leave you with one tip…

White wine and steak do go together. Just try out Guardian Cellars Entrapment Chardonnay and you won’t be disappointed!

Excerpt from Guardian Cellars:

“This chardonnay exudes gorgeous golden delicious apple and yellow plum. The vibrant fruit in this wine is richened by the light cream and butter notes. This vintage has a mineral streak and fresh acid that keeps the wine very focused and sleek. -92 pts Wine Enthusiast”

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