Lazy man dinner


Sad to share this as my first post in a while, but this week I had the ultimate lazy mans dinner – and I’m oddly proud.

Sara was off speaking on a panel of parents of twins to a group of soon to be parents of newborn twins – hope that made sense.

Our twins went down fairly easy and I was settling in to watch a movie – Elysium (not worth your time). My
plan was to order a delicious Flying Squirrel Pizza, but I couldn’t bring myself to order a full one to cover the $20 delivery charge. And I didn’t feel like ordering a mini pizza and two tubs of ice cream and a soda – that is just a bit much even for a guy who ran a half marathon two weeks ago with his wife.

I should have made some pasta and brown butter sauce or thawed something out of the freezer, but as I opened the pantry what before my wandering eyes did appear – Chex Mix! Not just one glorious bag, but one full and one already opened bag.

My high class dining decision was made for me and it was oh so delicious when watching a poorly executed science fiction/space/action movie.

And I enjoyed every second of the Chex Mix and the sticky dust that coated my fingers and throat making me want to drown myself with every soda in the house. Would I do it again – unequivocally yes!

There – I did it. First post in a long time. I bared my soul a bit by sharing my Chex Mix weakness.

More to come soon I promise.

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