First meal back – keeping St Helena in our hearts

Now that we’re back in Seattle enjoying this crazy weather we’ve decided to embrace St Helena and Rutherford one last time before our long weekend is officially over. How does one do what we set out to do?

Well… You open something awesome like a 2007 T Bar T Cabernet Sauvignon from Hall Wines. This is a ridiculously lush Cabernet that can go with any rich or savory dinner.

Just bask in its beauty while it hangs out near the remote charger as we catch up on our DVR.


Now with all the crazy rain in Seattle what does one do for dinner?

After unpacking I didn’t want to go shopping and make dinner and didn’t want to venture to far afield given this nasty weather. In comes the best pizza in the hood and quite possibly most all of Seattle – Flying Squirrel Pizza in Maple Leaf (who coincidentally just installed two new TVs for those who want to watch Seattle sports while picking up some awesome pizza pies).

Nothing like some delicious pizza and some ridiculously awesome wine. I’m sure you’ll see this theme continue to repeat in my food writings and it is for a few reasons, but mainly because pizza and red wine are just so darn delicious together.

In parting I present you with a lazy mans pizza dinner serving.


Up next – more from wine country…

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