beer, beer, and more beer…

Beer, beer, and more beer… is what I should really add to the end of this post – since I’m only going to be touching on a handful of delicious beers that I adore (might be 3 or 5 or 7 – depending on when I lose steam halfway through writing this post – fingers crossed I hit 5).

How does one start classifying favorite beers? Well – there are many ways and I’ll show you a few ways that I’ve done it in the past – then I’ll tell you how I’ll be doing it today.

  • Best beers to drink at a pub – must be on draft
  • Best beers in a can
  • Best beers on a hot day on the deck
  • Best beers in a bottle
  • Best beers to celebrate
  • Best foreign/import beers
  • Best beers for quantity drinking to forget a bad day
  • Best domestic beers
  • Best beers where enjoying one is worth three or four (a.k.a. highest alcohol content)
  • Best beers to remind myself that what I drank in college was horrible

See – you can slice & dice this style of review in any number of ways. I rattled off 10 ways to organize a review and I’m not even going to use one of those. I’ll be going “off-list” with this list.

Today’s list will be favorite beers “of the moment” or “that come to mind” when dreaming of a cold one while I wait for the twins to fall asleep and the dreaded blue light of the baby monitor to stop blinking from their cries as they drift off to sleep.

On to the list – favorite beers “of the moment” and what that really means. Well – first off, the weather in Seattle has been absolutely amazing for the past 4 weeks or so and it really feels like summer, so you’ll find great “summer beers” and seasonal beers filling up this list. You’ll find beers that are great for carrying to the alley to hang out with neighbors and great beers for enjoying while watching a Mariners game (don’t get me wrong – I still love my gin+ tonic, but every now and then a cold beer is an amazing choice.

Well… now on to the list.

  • 21st Amendment Brewing Company Brew Free or Die IPA – you may ask yourselves why an IPA is top of the list. Well for a number of reasons – let me count the ways
    1. This beer comes in a can. Perfect for carrying in to the alley and hanging with our awesome neighbors
    2. This beer is DELICIOUS and not too hoppy, so perfectly enjoyable on a hot day in the alley
    3. Did I mention this already – this beer comes in cans
21st Amendment Brewing Company - Brew Free or Die IPA
21st Amendment Brewing Company – Brew Free or Die IPA
  • Negra Modelo – this beer is the perfect beer for a night of spicy fajitas and guacamole and chips while sitting on the patio or preparing to make up a batch of chili (some may call this a secret ingredient, but you’d be wrong if this was my secret ingredient).
Negra Modelo Bottle
Negra Modelo Bottle
  • Czechvar Pilsner – after a hot afternoon of working in the yard or walking around the neighborhood or just because it is delicious this is the beer you should open (this even has a slight edge for me over Trumer Pils – maybe because of how much we enjoyed living in London) on hot days as bars overflowed on to the streets of SoHo.
Czechvar Pilsner Bottle
Czechvar Pilsner Bottle
Odin's Gift - Nordic Amber Ale
Odin’s Gift – Nordic Amber Ale
  • Schooner Exact 3 Grid IPA – three easy reasons here
    1. On tap at The Diller Room around the corner from work
    2. On tap at Vonn’s 1000 Spirits or Vonn’s Gustobistro (not sure what they finally named the place) across the street from The Diller Room
    3. It is delicious and not too hoppy on a hot day – perfect balance for sitting on a shaded patio holding court on a 1:1 with a colleague where you both need to take the edge off before diving deep in discussion
Schooner Exact 3 Grid IPA
Schooner Exact 3 Grid IPA
  • Roger’s Pilsner – easy peasy here. This is on tap at work. This is great for a hot day. This is delicious. And of course, I can’t forget that this is the beer we served at the first annual Zillow Chili Cook-Off that I helped organize – huge success and something every company should have for their employees.
Roger's Pilsner
Roger’s Pilsner

So wow – I made it all the way through 6 beer recommendations and I’ve not lost focus at the keyboard after a long day. These are some excellent choices for a super hot day or a warm day or just because they are delicious.

Look for many more recommendations in the coming days, weeks, months, years and let me know about your favorites. You can tweet me @bottleandflame or comment right here on the blog.

Up next – leftover pulled pork recipes and what to make for a giant potluck for Seattle Night Out (not that I’ll have time to make it, but it is what I would like to make if given enough time)…

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