leftover fajitas = awesome enchiladas


Fajitas from last night can turn in to a myriad of amazing dishes. You can make a Mexican inspired stir fry, or a Mexican inspired fried rice, or reconstitute the fajitas as enchiladas – all are delicious options.

We’ll be turning last night’s leftover fajitas into enchiladas tonight. I already have a heap of tortillas leftover and another avocado at the ready with some pico de gallo on standby. So, why not make another easy dish for dinner.

What do you really need for enchiladas?

  • Filling – in this case we’ll use leftover fajitas – flank steak, peppers and onions – oh my…
  • Tortillas – corn or flour – in our case we tried both
  • Cheese – anything will do, but I’m always partial to using Tillamook white cheddar because I love the sharp bite it offers and because Amazon Fresh can deliver this on almost a moments notice
  • Enchilada sauce – I am lazy and just use whatever pops out at me first on the store shelf. And in this case it was Old El Paso mild enchilada sauce (thank you downtown Seattle for building a Target next to my office)
  • Toppings – avocado or pico de gallo to serve up alongside your awesome enchiladas
  • Cooking utensils – a glass/pyrex baking dish

Let’s get to work

Break out the tortillas and fill each with some of the leftover fajitas and roll them up and place them in the baking dish until they are packed in tight. Don’t leave much space around them otherwise they’ll soften up and slide apart.

Pour on the enchilada sauce and grate some of that awesome white cheddar on top and in the oven they go. Usually bake them at 425 for 15-25 minutes or so. No need to go too long, since you already cooked the meat the day before and you are just now reheating and melting the cheese and making it all ooey gooey.

Take them out and enjoy!


What does one serve to drink with enchiladas? A light refreshing white wine like Charles Smith kung fu girl riesling or another can of that delicious Two Beers brewing company presidential pilsner.

Up next – slow cooked short ribs or slow cooked chicken thighs in a sweet & spicy pineapple sauce

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