Welcome to bottle&flame

Welcome to bottle&flame!

What can you expect to find here?

A myriad of things…

Recipes, successful and failed attempts in the kitchen, adoration and hatred for a wide range of kitchen gadgets, a love for wine and beer and cocktails and champagne…..

All will be clear over time that what I’ll be talking about here are things that go in bottles and then in your tummy or things that get cooked over a flame before going in your tummy too…(but don’t get me wrong I won’t forget sushi or deserts – I’m an equal opportunity food, cocktail, wine, beer, desert lover and I hope you are too.

Welcome to bottle&flame!

"Choice Cuts" Labbit by Frank Kozik and Sonos Play 5
Welcome to the Kitchen!
“Choice Cuts” Labbit by Frank Kozik and Sonos Play 5

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